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Measuring Read/Write durations with DTrace

I had the situation, where I wanted to see if read/write operations take too much time.

It was something that I thought could be done easily with DTrace. Unfortunately, my DTrace skills are a bit rusty, so I contacted my personal DTrace guru Javier, who gave me a script.

Here is the script for read operations:


#!/usr/sbin/dtrace -s

#pragma D option quiet
#pragma D option switchrate=10hz

        this->filistp = curthread->t_procp->p_user.u_finfo.fi_list;
        this->ufentryp = (uf_entry_t *)((uint64_t)this->filistp + (uint64_t)arg0 * (uint64_t)sizeof (uf_entry_t));
        this->filep = this->ufentryp->uf_file;
        self->offset = this->filep->f_offset;
        this->vnodep = this->filep != 0 ? this->filep->f_vnode : 0;
        self->vpath = this->vnodep ? (this->vnodep->v_path != 0 ? cleanpath(this->vnodep->v_path) : "") : "";
        self->sc_trace = this->vnodep ? th…