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More Insights

In my previous post, I was talking about the past and especially what I did the last year. While I am not the guy who celebrates new years eve too much, I do like the beginning of a new year, as January has a much slower pace as December, giving me time to think about what I want to achieve in the new year. My personal goals are to become a better data scientist.  I like this picture about Data Science found on the Wikipedia Article . I could improve myself in any of the fields. Wikipedia: Data Science In some of the fields I will naturally improve myself doing projects with customers (e.g. domain expertise), others may require self-study (should not have slept in math and statistics classes... ). While I'm practicing data science every day, I think it is good to sometimes take a step backwards and learn more about the theory behind it, especially when there is a lot going on in areas like machine learning and predictive analytics. Applying these algorithms requires to

An Unexpected Journey...

2012 was a busy year that passed by too fast and without any blog entries. It was also a year, where I've switched sides from being a customer into being a consultant. I was running the largest e-mail platform in Switzerland for over three years, together with an outstanding team dedicated to the task, but somewhere deep in the guts, I had this feeling to set sails... It was the Splunk .conf in 2011 , that was the impulse that sent me to an unexpected journey. I did a presentation there, and got into a lot of discussions with other Splunk users. Something was going on, Splunk has moved from niche into something people were enthusiastic about. I felt like in 2007 when Splunk 3.0 came out , that something was brewing... Meno, the second Splunk customer in Switzerland, had already taken the path of working as a consultant at a Splunk Partner. I knew that they had an open position, but I declined the job a couple of months before, as I was satisfied with my current position.