Paul Murphy clarifies the Sun Ray "difference"

In today's blog, Paul Murphy lists advantages of the Sun Ray technology. This as an answer to a comment of Erik Engbrecht (a regular visitor to Murph's blog).

Of course, Erik has already answered in his blog.

While Erik certainly makes some valid points, I personally believe that having the desktop processing happening in the datacenter would be for a lot of companies the best approach.

I worked for several banks, and you wouldn't believe me, the investments done or planned to make desktops/laptops secure (harddisk encryption, USB-port-locking software, reverse-firewalls, virus-scanners, security audit tools, etc.)

Most of these security activities just aren't needed with a stateless device.

Another point was made, that Sun Rays are dependent on a working network connection. As more and more vital information is kept on servers that require online access, you already are dependent of a connection to your company's network.

Offline work usually requires documents to be carried with in paper form (bad!) or on harddisk. The later would again require harddisk encryption.

Do you trust harddisk encryption made in China?


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