SunRay Stuff

ThinGuy has a few interesting blog entries...

First of all there are some Youtube movies about the Sun/Mitel partnership. This sounds like a great deal. The deal consists of two parts. A Multi-Instance Call Server (I guess this is something like a phone switch), and a unified solution for SunRays and the Mitel IP phone. This allows to hotdesk not only between SunRays, but also between IP phone. You can find more information here.

Another entry in ThinGuy's blog sounds also promising. He will talk in august about the upcoming SunRay Software 4.2. He promises some "trendy" new features for desktop virtualisation. As always, these kind of product release events are never around the corner...

I really believe that in the next 1-2 years desktop virtualization will be the next big management buzzword (not in the negative meaning).

The only thing Sun desperately needs if they want SunRays to take off, are salesmen who really want to sell thin clients. Selling Sunrays is certainly harder than selling big boxes, but hey, take it as a challenge!

But maybe Sun salesmen just don't understand the real-life problems of todays desktops and how thin-clients are a solution for most of these problems...


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